Agenda for 9th February 2016

The next meeting of Little Altcar Parish Council will take place at 7.30pm on Tuesday 9th February 2016 in the meeting room at Formby Library.

Members of the Public are also cordially invited to attend the meeting.


1. Attendance

2. Apologies

3. Members and Officers Declarations of Interest

4. Minutes of Previous Meeting

a. Matters Arising from the Minutes that are not included in the Agenda

5. Public Forum – 15 Minutes

6. Website Update

7. Neighbourhood Plan Report

8. Local Area Committee Report

9. Ten Parishes Report

10. Sefton MBC Report

11. Formby Footpath Group

12. Planning Applications

13. Finance Committee

Budget and Precept

Decision on Audit Procedure for 2016

14. Finance and Accounts Report

a. Balances

b. Payments requiring approval

15. Any Other Business

16. Date of Next Meeting