Minutes: 12th January 2016




  1. Attendance

            Cllrs. P. Murphy (Chairman), M. Weild, J. Roberts, Y.Irving, S. Baxter,L Kolassa, His Worshipful the Mayor of Sefton Cllr Stephen Kermode, Sefton Cllr. T. Hale, Inspector J. Atherton and CPSO B.Baker (Merseyside Police), J. Croasdell (Clerk), 4 members of the public).


  1. Apologies

Cllr. A. Ibbs (Vice Chair), Bill Esterson MP, Sefton Cllrs. C. Page and M. Bennett.


  1. Members and Officers Declarations of Interest



  1. Welcome to the Mayor of Sefton

Cllr. Murphy welcomed the Mayor to the meeting, and gave a short outline of the Parish Council’s history and current priorities.


  1. Response by the Mayor

            The Mayor apologized for the absence of the Mayoress.

            He gave a short talk on his year of office.

He supported and attended many charity events, met Prince Andrew during the year, and dined with the Captain of the QM2 when she was in Liverpool. He also attended several Citizenship Ceremonies and award ceremonies for people of Sefton who had achieved great things during the year.

He also mentioned the good work done for the children of Chernobyl, who visit our borough every year as part of an organised charity.


  1. The Mayor and Police retired from the meeting.


  1. Public Forum

Cllr. Hale stated that he supported any objections from the Parish council re The Alt Wind Farm.




  1. Minutes of the Previous Meeting

            Having previously been circulated, these were agreed.


  1. Matters of Report from the Minutes



  1. Neighbourhood Plan

            This is still in the process of formation.


  1. Decision on Frequency of Meetings

            It was decided to hold monthly meetings for the near future.


  1. Alt Wind Farm

After some discussion, the Parish Council will draw up a list of objections to this, and forward a letter to West Lancashire Borough Council.


  1. Clerk’s Resignation

Cllr. Murphy has contacted the Clerk of SAPLC, who may be interested in taking over the position. The Clerk was thanked for her good work over the years.


  1. Planning Applications

            Replacement of Telecommunications Mast at Silcocks Field.


  1. Finance Committee Report

Cllr. Kolassa will produce a budget at the next meeting, when the subscription for LACC will be discussed.


  1. Finances

            A         Balances       Current Account                             2277.39

                                                Nat. Savings Account                    3471.29


            B         Bills for Payment

  1. Croasdell (Exps re Jan. Meeting)    49.79

                        SAPLC            Donation                                                    55.00

                        Priory Kitchen                                                              99.00

                        LACC  (to be discussed next meeting)             181.44

  1. Matters of Further Report

Cllr. Murphy stated that an additional representative should be appointed to the Ten Parishes Meeting.


Cllr. Weild asked if he could be elected to the Footpaths Group of Formby Council. This was agreed. Claire Jenkins to be informed of this.


  1. Date of Next Meeting

            To be held on Tuesday 9th February at 7.30pm in Formby Library.