Minutes: 8th March 2016



90. Attendance

Cllrs. Ibbs (Vice Chair), Baxter, Irvine, Weild and Kolassa, Mrs. Croasdell (Clerk)

91. Members and Officers Declarations of interest


92. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Having previously been circulated, these were agreed

93. Matters of Report from the Minutes


94. Public Forum

No members of the public were in attendance

95. Website Update

Nothing new to report as Cllr. Murphy was not present.

96. Neighbourhood Plan Report

Nothing new to report at present. The Liverpool Road site is a bone of contention.

97. Local Area Committee Report

Nothing to report.

98. Ten Parishes Report

Nothing to Report

99. Sefton MBC Report

Nothing to Report

100. Formby Footpath Group

The group has not met since the las LAPC meeting.

It may be possible for LAPC to use part of their budget to help maintain

these paths. Formby Clerk to be contacted to find out who is clearing their paths.

101. Altcar Lane Allotment

Cllrs. Baxter, Kolassa and Irvine will investigate the viability of this project.

102. Planning Applications

102.1 25 Marina Road – Porch and first floor extension

102.2 7 Hoggs Hill Lane – two storey extension

103. Correspondence

A celebratory medal in honour of the Queen’s ninetieth birthday was received from Tower Mint. More can be purchased if desired.

Formby PC and Sefton to be contacted about the possibility of the parishes holding a celebration party.

104. Finance Committee

Nothing to Report

105. Finances

A Balances Current Account 2094.60

Savings Account 2518.07


B Bills for Payment

J. Croasdell Salary 500.00

Purchase of Microsoft Word 60.00

LACC The Decision was made not to re-join this Association

106. Matters of Further Report

The Civic Service is to take place on Sunday 12th July 2016. Rev. Prof. Taylor has pencilled this into his schedule. The possibility of having an afternoon tea is to be looked into. The mayor to be invited, along with other Parish Chairs and guests.

Rats have been found on the Mayflower Estate, but this should be dealt with by the Borough Council, not LAPC. Clerk to contact the Environmental Health Department.

107. Date of next meeting Tuesday 12th April 2016 at 7.30pm