Minutes 10th May 2016

1 Attendance

Cllrs. Ibbs (Chair), Baxter (Vice Chair), Murphy, Roberts, Kolassa and Weild, J. Croasdell (Clerk)

2 Apologies

Cllr Irving

3 Members and Officers Declarations of Interest


4 Minutes of Previous Meeting

Having previously been circulated, these were agreed

5 Matters of Report from the Minutes


6 Matters of Report from Committees attended by Councillors

The next Neighbourhood Plan meeting has been delayed. 3 building sites in Little Altcar to be discussed.

Nothing to report from the Footpath Group

Nothing to report re the Allotments

7 Planning Applications


8 Finance Committee

No meeting has been held since the last minutes

9 Correspondence

Civic Dinner Invitation – Noted

Clerk & Councils Direct Magazine – to Clerk

Insurance Quote received from Zurich

10 Finances

A Balances Current Account 3979.60

Nat. Savings Account 2518.07


B Bills for Payment

Insurance 201.48

New Flag Pole in Formby – contribution 100.00

Memorial Garden

C Accounts for 2015/16 were agreed and signed by the Chairman

11 Matters of Further Report

Cllr. Weild thought that another bench in Bills Lane should be considered.

12 Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 14th June 2016