Minutes 15th November 2016

17. Attendance

Cllr. A. Ibbs (Chair), Cllr. S. Baxter (Vice Chair), Cllrs. M. Weild and Y. Irving, J. Croasdell (Clerk)

18. Apologies

Cllrs. P. Murphy and Leo Kolassa

19. Members and Officers Declarations of Interest


20. Minutes of the Previous Meeting

These were agreed

21. Matters of Report from the Minutes


22. Public Forum

No members of the public were present

23. Website Update

Cllr. Murphy was unable to give an update

24. Neighbourhood Plan Report

No Meetings have been held

25. Local Area Committee Report

No report was available. Next meeting will be on 18th November, to be attended by Cllr. Ibbs.

26. Ten Parishes Meeting

No report. Next Meeting 1st December.

27. Remembrance Services

Cllr. Ibbs attended both Friday and Sunday Services. Cllr. Baxter attended on Friday.

28. Planning Applications


29. Finance Committee

No Report

30. Finances

A Balances Current Account 2662.20

Nat. Savings Account 2518.07


B Bills for Payment

BDO 42.00

SAPLC 70.00

Wreaths 34.00

31.Any Other Business

Cllr Ibbs stated that the bench in Bills Lane Park was in a very bad state. The grass is not looked after.

Cllr. Ibbs also talked about working closer with Formby Parish Council. The question arose as to whether LAPC and FPC should amalgamate and become a Town Council. At least six parishioners would have to agree with this.

34 houses are to be built on the Shorrocks Hill site.

31. Date of Next Meeting.

It was decided to leave this meeting until Cllr. Ibbs returns from New Zealand. February 14th was suggested, but will be agreed by Cllr. Ibbs on her return.