Minutes 12 September 2017


Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting

12 September 2017

Present:           Councillors:       Ann Ibbs (Chairman)

Sandra Baxter

Yvonne Irving

Leo Kolassa

Paul Murphy

Mike Wield


In Attendance: Mrs C Jenkins, Clerk

1 member of public



26.0 Apologies for Absence

There were no apologies.

27.0 Members Declaration of Interest                                     

There were no declarations of interest.

28.0 Public Forum

The meeting was adjourned for this item

Mr Dempsey addressed the Council and informed members of the ecological value of the hawthorn hedgerow on the Liverpool Road development allocation site. It was noted that this is characteristic of the entrance to Formby, it is a long and tall specimen not seen elsewhere in Sefton. It is a roost area for many species of birds and other wildlife. Members noted that the developers have been made aware of the significance of retaining this hedgerow and that this will be reinforced in comments on the development masterplan. It was also noted that some of the hedgerow will be lost to the new access road and that Cllrs would encourage the developers to plant new hawthorn hedges where possible and plant berry bearing bushes and fruit trees such as elderberry, which are great for wildlife.

The meeting was reconvened

29.0 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

It was resolved that the minutes of the Ordinary meeting held on 11 July 2017 were approved as a correct record.

30.0 Matters of Report from Previous Meeting

Item 7: The Clerk advised that a response is still awaited from Sefton Council regarding the Governance Review request.

Item 11: Cllr Kolassa reported that a signpost supplier has been identified and that further information would be obtained on refurbishing or replacing the “Little Altcar” sign.


31.0 Planning Applications

Cllrs noted the weekly list emails from Sefton Council.

31.1 To note current position on Formby Allocated Development Sites

The Clerk reported that the Appeal hearing on Andrews Lane outline planning application was scheduled for 26 September at Bootle Town Hall.

It was also noted that the full planning application for Andrews Lane allocation site was recommended for approval subject to conditions at the planning meeting on 30 August – a final report on the conditions is still not available and is not yet listed as approved.

32.0 To discuss and resolve the following:

32.1 Members discussed the proposal for a Service Level Agreement with Formby Parish Council for the provision of Clerk services.

It was resolved to approve the Service Level Agreement, which was signed by the Chairman.

33.0 To authorise Payments


HCI Data Ltd     £83.88

Formby Parish Council   £150

It was resolved to approve the payments as listed

34.0 Chairman’s Report          

The Chairman reported that she had attended the meeting with the developers for the proposed Liverpool Road Allocation Site and the presentation by Taylor Wimpey for the proposed Brackenway Allocation Site. The Chairman commented that the developers did not adequately address the flooding and transport issues; they were evasive regarding the issue of whether the properties would be leasehold or freehold; also, further clarification was required on the issue of affordable homes as to what type of housing and what price bracket. Members agreed with the points raised and also commented that the presentation by Taylor Wimpey was not adequately advertised and the location was not a central location in Formby.

35.0 Finance Report

Members discussed the closure of the local Nat West Bank branch and agreed to close this account. Cllrs agreed that a Community account should be opened at Barclays Bank.

Cllr Ibbs and Cllr Murphy agreed to undertake this.

36.0 Update on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr Wield reported that there was a meeting of the Steering Group in August and that amendments to the plan document following the public consultation are being made. It was noted that the next meeting was scheduled for 26 September and it is expected that the final version will be available by the end of September. This will then be sent for artwork and printing prior to final submission to Sefton Council.

37.0 Date of Next Meeting –  Tuesday 14 November 2107 at 7.30pm, Formby Library

Members of the press and public are cordially invited to attend