Annual Parish of Little Altcar Meeting Minutes – 15 May 2023

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting

Present: Councillors: Catie Page, Chris Page and Joe Riley

In Attendance: Mrs C Jenkins (Clerk) and 1 member of public

1.0 Welcome by Chairman of Little Altcar Parish Council

Ward Cllr Joe Riley, appointed by Sefton Council to Chair the meeting, welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2.0 Apologies for Absence

There were apologies received from Cllr Leo Kollassa.

3.0 To approve the minutes of the previous meeting held on 3 May 2022

The minutes of the Annual Parish meeting held on 3 May 2022 were received and noted.

4.0 Public Participation

The meeting was adjourned for this item.

There were no members of public wanting to address the Council.

The meeting was reconvened.

5.0 To receive an update on the Grouping Order for the purpose of forming a grouped parish council with Formby Parish Council to be known as Formby and Little Altcar Parish Council

The business case proposal for the Grouping Order had been sent to Sefton Council’s Chief Legal and Democratic officer. He had responded to say that any consideration by Sefton Council for a grouping order would not be undertaken until the completion of the Boundary Commission Review, whose findings are expected to be published in 2024.

6.0 Close of Meeting

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting.