Little Altcar Parish Councillors

Little Altcar Parish Council is comprised of 7 councillors who were elected in 2023. They are as follows:

  • Councillor Leonid Kolassa, Chairman (Independent)
  • Councillor Colin Appleton (Conservative)
  • Councillor Derek Baxter (FRAG)
  • Councillor Sandra Baxter (FRAG)
  • Councillor Joe Riley (Conservative)
  • Councillor Mike Weild (FRAG)
  • Councillor Paul Wiencke (FRAG)

The Council Clerk is Mrs Claire Jenkins.

About Little Altcar

Community, character and housing

Little Altcar does not have a formal ‘village centre’ but there is a special Parish sign in a space that sits on the first sharp bend of Liverpool Road when entering Little Altcar from the south.

Little Altcar parish sign

The main residential areas of Little Altcar are made up of Altcar Lane, Marina Road, Kent Road, Ashcroft Road and Hogg’s Hill Lane.

All these roads contain attractive, desirable semi-detached properties that are set back from the road, have front gardens and large rear gardens. They look particularly pleasant during springtime when the trees are filled with blossom.

Hogg’s Hill Lane has a number of interesting features, including the beautiful Hogg’s Hill Farm Cottage and Stables, both listed.

Hogg's Hill Farm Cottage



There is a small parade of shops and Little Altcar Post Office which are well-used and constitute a friendly and important part of the community. This is also the location of the parish notice board.

Little Altcar parish notice board

There is a large private gym and swimming pool, which is also well-supported by the community.

There are footpaths/cycle paths that run through Little Altcar on the dune side of the railway line (accessible from the Hogg’s Hill Lane crossing) and beside the Everlast Fitness Clubs gym leading across the by-pass.

There is a popular children’s play area, including swings and slides alongside recreational green space on the land between Alt Road and the by-pass. This park has recently been upgraded and is a safe place to play that is well-liked by local children and parents.

At the end of Hogg’s Hill Lane behind Park Road there are allotments which are rented out to residents by Sefton MBC. There is a waiting list for the allotments as they are in high demand.


Little Altcar has much green belt land within its borders and the wonderful views and space that this land affords is something that residents care very passionately about.

The land either side of the by-pass and Liverpool road clearly marks the end of the development that has sprawled from Formby and is an important boundary between the urban and the rural. This is something we value highly.

The undeveloped land on the south side of Altcar Lane gives clear views for miles and is a very important part of the quality of life for those who live in Altcar Lane and in adjacent roads. Feeding the horses here is something that every child in these roads does as they walk past.

The area beyond the railway line is also important and special for Little Altcar. The cycle paths and footpaths are extensively used and there are many interesting natural phenomena, including natterjack toads and rare flora.

The position of the beach beyond Cabin Hill is also special as it is the best place for beachcombing, with many interesting things washed up after a storm, and also has great views of the Welsh mountains.

Little Altcar beach